I started doing graphic designs around 2009, at the same time as Ii got into visuals. My first projects were flyers and posters for parties. It then moved on to album cover designs for my friends. Snackman is inspired by artists mostly working on Hip Hop or Streetwear projects, but also everything which is related to video game stuff.

Under the pseudonym Snackman I create artworks and more. Mainly for my good friend and up coming musician Altega. As Snackman I’m always concocting something for friends, who I’m personally and stylewise very close to. It’s my most personal project where I can let it flow and work free.


Crudo - that's the name of the latest EP by Altega, a young rapper and longtime friend. I designed the entire visual appearance and created a publishing concept for him. Altega's productions are completely independent, so I could allow myself a lot of freedom in the realization. Of course, his personal ideas have also been incorporated into the design. Editing music on a physical medium (CD, vinyl) has been a challenge for some time now, as almost nobody plays music from a physical data carrier anymore. Vinyl records are once again enjoying greater popularity, but another trend has taken my attention: the release of a "collector's box". These boxes usually contain merchandise items of the artist in addition to a CD. Friends as well as fans appreciated the concept a lot. The best thing for Altega is that all the collectors are not only listening to his music but also wearing his shirt, glue on the stickers somewhere and using the USB sticks, giving him even more publicity.

People: Alessio Bottega, Aaron Cendales, Kevin Müller

Crudo is an EP of the rapper Altega. It’s about the raw style of hiphop music, that’s where the name came from. The music was produced and recorded by C-Trip. It is Altega’s 2nd release, after his debut album “Vita Mia“.

Where to buy the box

altega’s website

I wanted to create a website for Altega which looks nice for visitors and is as easy to use for him as facebook. I found the right tool in tumblr. It lets you fully customize the frontend, but still provides the “social media like” backend that is easy to handle for the artist himself

Alessio Bottega is 26 years old, from Lenzburg AG. He raps and makes hip-hop music passionately for many years. This year he has published his debut album "Vita Mia". This work embodies his life and work to date. Alessio is one of the reasons for the party label "Funk You", which has been organizing events in the hip-hop and funk scene since 2013 and mainly supports newcomers.

about the client: Honeybadger is an event series of electronic dance music parties, they are known for creative

Altega Website

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